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T.D.T Entertainment Unveils Signature "TDOT ARTIST TURNUPS" Circuit

2022-03-30. T.D.T Entertainment recently unveiled their upcoming plans for their new culturally immersive entertainment & arts circuit. Titled "TDOT ARTIST TURNUPS", the circuit will focus all of its attention and resources on shining a very bright spotlight on all of the rich, diverse, and culturally inclusive sounds that Toronto has to offer. T.D.T will allow their artists to perform at the new T.A.T labeled events in various small, medium, and large sized entertainment venues around the downtown Toronto core. These events will be specially curated to fit the vibes of the artists performing and will be hosted by T.D.T MC's, some of the best MC's this city has to offer. All artists who partner with T.D.T and their culture & music branch (Tdot Turnups) will also be given various media opportunities such as published artist spotlights, interviews, podcast guest opportunities, addition to curated music playlists, and offers to future and larger performance opportunities.

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