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T.D.T Entertainment & Media began its journey with a simple goal - to illuminate Toronto’s post-pandemic community through curated events and give artists the larger stage they deserve. We worked with several partners throughout Toronto to organize spectacles that brought joy and hope to a community that had been isolated for far too long. And as we helped the beat of our city grow louder, we realized that we could raise the volume for others too. 

We noticed several unaddressed barriers within the entertainment industry that talented independent artists and music industry professionals faced daily; and we decided to take action. We started to use our expertise and resources to help artists and entertainment professionals shine brighter. By providing marketing guidance, curating personalized media and content, and facilitating vital career connections, we were able to work with hundreds of people to help them enhance their professional success. 

As our journey progressed, we discovered an opportunity to serve an even larger audience. By focusing more on technology, we've begun to use our experience and know-how to aid underserved groups of all kinds - from fiercely independent artists seeking their first break, to local businesses aiming to make their mark, and individuals with lower incomes looking to make ends meet. 

Having helped people and businesses all throughout the Greater Toronto Area, we now stand as a company preparing to do better for more. We believe in creating a world where everyone, no matter their background or means, has a fair shot at success. Every step we take is a move towards our vision. 

Join us as we continue to break barriers and empower voices. One artist, one business, and one individual at a time. Our story is just beginning. Are you ready to be part of the journey?

Jay Isaiah Performing at T.D.T's 'The Dotbox' Music Event at the El Mocambo
Toronto artist Parzival performing at T.D.T's 'The Dotbox' Music Event at the El Mocambo
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