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T.D.T's First Ever DOTBOX Music Event A Huge Success

2022-08-01 Friends, fans, and family gathered together on Caribana Saturday Night to partake in something special. Packed with good music, dancing, free drinks, giveaways, and immense talent, The DOTBOX gave people a taste of what the Toronto Entertainment Scene can truly accomplish.

T.D.T created The DOTBOX with one intention in mind. Stepping away from the violence and politics that plague our city, we wanted to provide the people with a space where they could truly have fun and appreciate one another. The free Island Diaz Spiced Rum was flowing, the music of 6 different amazing artists was going, and the people took notice. Cheers, claps, and compliments were all around, and the magical times that our city always had pre-pandemic were once again found.

Directors of T.D.T Entertainment, Jaden (Jay Prophet) Gregory (left), Shyon Royaie (middle), and Kian (Axel Von Kain) Royaie (right) behind the scenes.

There were so many highlights throughout the night that the people loved. The vocals of Jay Isaiah put everyone in attendance on immediate notice. The second he took The DOTBOX stage he captivated the audience with his infectious hooks and angelic melodies. We weren't surprised for a second, listen to some of his biggest tracks here and see why.

We also can't forget our headliner and rising superstar, Kofi. He rocked The DOTBOX crowd by showcasing his undeniable skills in singing and rapping. The humble rising musician even took the time to take pictures after his performance with some of his biggest fans. Take a look at some of the highlights from The DOTBOX and Kofi's performance below!

T.D.T wants to give a big shoutout to Tara Lord, who brought out a live band and dance crew to go with her amazing performance, Ethan Torrance, who's on stage skills mixed with his skits and routines had the whole crowd engaged, and Ioanna, who's vocals and confidence had everyone bobbing their head and singing along.

In the end however, the fans picked Parzival to win our $500 Performance Of The Night Bonus, after his mind-altering beats, smooth word play, and on stage presence had everyone shook. Check out some clips of Pizzy Parz's performance.

Parzival Performing his hit songs, "Signs", "Racks Over Everything", & "Lucy".

Parzival Lifting the first ever T.D.T Performance Of The Night Belt.

T.D.T wants to say thank you so much to everyone who showed up and showed out at the inaugural DOTBOX music event. We have so much more planned for you and hope all of you stay with us on our journey. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @tdtentmedia for all things Toronto Entertainment, and remember, #TsUp.

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The success of the DOTBOX music event reflects positively on the organizers' efforts and the enthusiasm of the community. It sets a promising precedent for future events and highlights the potential for further growth and recognition within the Toronto entertainment scene. Read here what Audiomack is and how much they can pay per stream:

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