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The Dot's Next Up: How Persistence Will Turn the Up-and-Coming Parzival Into a Star

2022-07-13 In this city of six million it's hard to stand out, let alone cut through the noise and rise to the top. But that is exactly what the Mississauga-born Parzival is on his way to doing. As an artist beginning to master their craft during the dark days of the pandemic, Parzival was a diamond trapped in a rough time. But in order to shine brighter he decided to turn the pressure up. And by midway 2022, it's official, the pressure is up with no signs of slowing down.

Pizzy Parz started his 2022 revival by teaming up with T.D.T to put on a music masterclass at our limited party series, The Maddy Underground. The conditions were far from perfect, but Parzival and T.D.T were able to gather hundreds of people together for a party and performance combo unlike anything a Toronto annex institution had ever seen. The people loved it. His stage presence was audacious, and his talent undeniable. For many, it was their first time going to an event of it's size since before the pandemic; and they got more than they could've ever expected when they were singing songs like Lucy and Racks Over Everything (R.O.E). Check out a clip below.

We asked Parzival some questions about his music and career to get a sense of the person behind the music. Considering his favourite artist is Kanye West, his answers gave us a lot of early Kanye vibes.

Q.1: How would you describe your aspirations with music and your career?

Parzival: "I'm tryna become the most acclaimed and respected rapper in the world. I just want to win a lot of awards and end up being considered one of the greatest of all time".

Q.2: What would you say is your biggest drive regarding music and your desire for success?

Parzival: "I'm driven by my desire to be an artist. If I'm not making art, I don't feel like I'm doing what I'm supposed to do, and I don't want to end up being miserable doing some shit I have no passion for".

Executive Director of T.D.T, Shyon Royaie, had this to say regarding Parzival and his inclusion on the card for the inaugural DOTBOX Music Event on July 30th; "Parzival is one of the most genuine and talented people let alone artists I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, he's so humble that it's my job to boost up his ego".

We at T.D.T are confident that Parzival is #TheDotsNextUp. Catch Parzival at The DOTBOX Caribana Music Event at the El Mocambo this July 30th and get your tickets here while supplies last. Parzival is #TsUp.


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